Pronounced ee-LEE-kah and handcrafted in Hungary in small batches, ilike Organic Skin Care is a beautiful line of products that gives great results while nourishing and replenishing the skin. I love it because it’s pure, natural, unadulterated, raw, certified organic, and it really works! ilike has solutions for every skin issue and condition out there… acne, rosacea, sensitivity, hormonal breakouts, dryness, aging and mature skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), uneven skin tone, a lackluster complexion, fine lines and wrinkles… you name it! They grow their own ingredients on their organic farm, and also use wild crafted herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and they use the WHOLE PLANT in their formulations. Unlike most skin care lines that use plant extracts, ilike uses the plant pulp, which includes every part of the plant- the skin, seeds, stems, leaves and flesh. This means that we are getting all of the invaluable antioxidants and active constituents of the plants in our skin care products. To activate and preserve the enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients of the plant matter, ilike uses a 3 month fermentation process before formulation and they never heat their ingredients, ensuring a potent, concentrated and results-driven product for people like you and me. ilike products smell divine, they feel fabulous on the skin, and they really deliver results- all without nasty petrochemicals, hormone disrupters, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Sounds too good to be true? I promise that it’s not. Come in for a facial and find out for yourself- you will not be disappointed!